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Every story needs some kind of hidden game.

From last night: The Dogs of Great Evil are asleep in Mr P's office. Mr P himself is off board gaming. I am hermiting with the cats. The Inky Blot No-Longer-Kitten is floomped out on my chest, purring and kneading me with one paw. I can see the Shaggy Cow Cat over in his usual spot on top of the cat tree. He used to sleep on my chest when he was a kitten, until the day Mr P brought home the cat tree. When he saw it, he climbed on top and hasn't come down since. Inky Blot, however, prefers to use me as a platform, which has the side benefit of entirely preventing me from typing.

And now from this morning: Story's going okay. I think maybe I know what it's about now, and can finish a draft with some sense of direction. One problem with this post-Becoming setting is that there is just so much going on for these characters. Canon blithely ignored it all, but I feel I can't. Not all of it. I am having an interesting problem with designing scene that express character, because in this story I have a sort of rule against direct action sequences. Buffy so often doesn't say what's going on, but instead punches. So if I prevent her from punching...
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