Every story needs some kind of hidden game.

From last night: The Dogs of Great Evil are asleep in Mr P's office. Mr P himself is off board gaming. I am hermiting with the cats. The Inky Blot No-Longer-Kitten is floomped out on my chest, purring and kneading me with one paw. I can see the Shaggy Cow Cat over in his usual spot on top of the cat tree. He used to sleep on my chest when he was a kitten, until the day Mr P brought home the cat tree. When he saw it, he climbed on top and hasn't come down since. Inky Blot, however, prefers to use me as a platform, which has the side benefit of entirely preventing me from typing.

And now from this morning: Story's going okay. I think maybe I know what it's about now, and can finish a draft with some sense of direction. One problem with this post-Becoming setting is that there is just so much going on for these characters. Canon blithely ignored it all, but I feel I can't. Not all of it. I am having an interesting problem with designing scene that express character, because in this story I have a sort of rule against direct action sequences. Buffy so often doesn't say what's going on, but instead punches. So if I prevent her from punching...
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Helpful Animals are Helpful, aren't they? :-)
The dogs are especially helpful when I'm cooking. Right there to take care of anything I might accidentally drop or knock off the edge of the counter. And somehow being right underfoot seems to ensure that always happens at least once...
Dogs would definitely beat parrots for being actually helpful... Ozzie (pictured above) thinks helping with dishes means scrambling from my shoulder to my hand so she can take a big drink of dish water.

She doesn't "help" any longer...
Somehow, I have a great deal of faith in the fact that, whatever you eventually post, it will be just as gorgeous as everything else I've read.

You make me sick. In the best possible way. :D
Noes! The pressure!

I just want to finish this one, somehow anyhow. Been fighting with it for far too long past the original deadline for it.
It wasn't my intention to put pressure on you... :) Just finished reading some of your other pieces and will wait patiently for the new stuff...