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In which Mr P and I watch "Battlefield"

Reactions to the Seventh Doctor serial "Battlefield" as we watch.

It's the Brig! And the new Brig! And sword + Vortigern == Arthurian legend time. IN SPACE! Knights as meteors?

Ha! Liz Shaw's id card! And I assume Seven has Three's passcard. Just put on a velvet cape, dude! "How can he be the same man if his appearance and personality have changed?" That's a very good question, New Brig.

When American TV & movies want to signal they're in the future, they show a black President. When British TV wants to signal the future, they have the Brig mention "the King". (Note to self: what will American movies do now that we have a black President in reality?)

Did the Doctor just flirt with that cute Asian chick outside the inn?

Really cruddy armored-knight sword fighting. With spark-guns! Uh. Yes, this is the moment when we overlook cheesy special effects. And cheesy music.

I see Ace has met a soulmate. I am completely charmed by Seven's rrrrrrrrrrolled Rs. Oh. A magical blind person. Scabbard. Lake. Yes, indeed.

Brig in uniform! With a gun. And combed hair. Bet the helicopter shot blew half the budget. Swagger stick: v impt. But is the Brig slated for the "last case before retirement" cop trope?

The Ace conversation intercut with futuristic grenade explosion sequence was... horribly executed. And really too cliched in conception to be tolerated. Ace thinks android; Doctor discovered human. Who calls him "Merlin", which is entirely appropriate and surely there is fic exploring this?

Part 2: Our knights get names. One of them is, rather predictably, Mordred. Terrible dialog they're given to speak, too. Ugh. Why so stilted? Is it because an idiot writer thinks that that's how kids expect people from the past to speak?

Lightning over the castle. There is only one possible response, the MST3K cry of "I'm a crappy special effect!"

Mordred is pretty stupid. I mean, as a character, as a product of writer + director + actor. I feel talked down to. That diabolical laughter is going on for way too long and is way too pointless. Does anybody ever laugh like that in real life.

Oooooooh, angry!Seven. I like that. Now pained!Seven. And we get this cheesy version of Morgaine, complete with her own cheesy dialog. "Let this be our last battlefield." Which makes me think Trek, but must be a reference that I am too ill-read to place. Awwwww: acceptable safety standards. I love Seven and Ace. My favorite Doctor-Companion pair by a long way, and I do love Two and Jamie.

Oh noes, the Brig's chopper is down. This is of course a feint.

"Don't worry, Ace. It's only a trap."

The voice-print keyed door is nicely timey-wimey. And I am enjoying the Brig-vs-Morgaine alpha posturing.

The Doctor is schooling Ace in Clarke's Law. Most excellent. I am on board here for sequences like this, nothing but interaction between the two of them. Though lord, the soundtrack is horrible. As are the special effects at the beginning of part 3.

McCoy pratfalls very nicely. And! The Brig saves him. Ace is sulking about prior Companions! I sort of like that. She's what, nineteen by this point? Just the age to sulk like Rose sulked.

Mordred continues being a Saturday morning cartoon villain. And now his mother is too. Sigh.


I see UNIT has been prepping for the usual Who villains. Like Yetis.

Bessie? BESSIE? But a different car altogether, if I'm not mistaken. I had no idea that anybody other than Three was into the car, though. Complete with predictable diss from Ace that will of course be overcome when it turns out to be mega-souped-up. And there we go!

Was Shou Yuing being groomed as a potential Companion character? Dunno. Ace is sulking, though, at the Brig's mention of many companions. And the Brig going off with the Doctor. And I like that she thinks her job is to protect the Doctor's back. She doesn't trust anybody else to take care of her Professor.

So remind me again: why are Mordred and Ancelyn fighting? What are the stakes? What's Morgaine up to?

Wow. Seven becomes a bit fierce when Ace is threatened. But he still can't kill. The Brig, however... Aw, he touches her nose when he learns she's safe.

The quiet battlefield. Lots of bodies. Somber Bambera. War is bad, mmm'kay? Thank you for the Saturday morning cartoon morality. "Fenric" is so far standing out painfully amongst the litter of these scripts. Why oh why couldn't this awesome Doctor have been given better stories?

Ace is so fierce in defense of her friend. And courageous. And smart. Her forethought with the bullets is what wins the day.

And is this final confrontation the real death for the Brig? I like his attitude. "Probably. I just do the best I can."

Can you explain to me again why Morgaine wants nukes? I understand the Doctor's anti-nuke stance, here, but I don't get what she gets by detonating anything. And now we have an incoherent oh-noes-I-miss-Arfur moment from her, complete with horrible soundtrack, and I don't even get why. And then we get more Jedi mind tricks from the Doctor.

How, exactly, do you lock up massively powerful future-tech users?

Well, that was cracky Saturday morning cartoon fodder. Unlike the Happiness Patrol, competently crafted crack with only a few giant holes. And yes, it was impossible not to ship Bambera/Ancelyn, what with them asking each other if they were married or not. I mean, that was text.
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