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This entry is very nerdy on a couple of axes.

Today, because I am a big nerd, I'm watching the Blizzcon live streaming coverage. We went to Blizzcon last year, but this year we lost the microseconds-long race to get tickets. I said last year that Diablo 3 was about 18 months away. This year, I'm thinking that Diablo 3 is about 18 months away. The WOW expansion is probably way sooner than that, and it looks like it'll be good.

Also today I did my scaled-down version of the Crossfit Filthy Fifty, which my trainer has named the Dirty Thirty, because I did 30 reps for each exercise instead of 50. This makes it easier, but not what anybody would call easy. Give it a shot some day. If you consider yourself fit, do all 50 reps. Check newsanchor Jenny Anchondo doing a Dirty Thirty as her introduction to Crossfit. (Huh, I did not realize people subbed in tuck jumps for the double-unders. I just did 3x the prescribed count as regular rope jumps.)

The thing I love about Crossfit (beyond the fact that it's a seriously efficient way of gaining fitness) is that the culture is not iron-pumping culture. It doesn't need to start welcoming women because the women are already there. Wow. A lot of inspirational photos on that page, huh? And here are more women doing something more achievable by middle-aged people like me.

This week's slam story (aka the poll winner) is well over 5000 words and chugging. I really hope to hit a complete first draft tonight, but that's seeming unlikely. I have been mostly useless today.
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