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Needs recs.

Been watching more Seven, and have realized that I needz Seventh Doctor/Ace stories. I'm in search of anything with that strong affection between them foregrounded. Romantic, platontic, parental, whatever. Mentor/student relationship kink, oh how you are pinged by these two! Not quite as hard as by Giles+Buffy, but hard enough that I'm hooked on them.

I did find "Blue Touch Paper" by kiwimouse. Solid story, well worth reading if you can romantically ship those two. This one carries an adult rating.

Wait! There is a recs comm! It has tags! Oh, how I love recs comms with tags.
The main Who fandom archive is here: http://www.whofic.com/

The site is divvied up according to Doctor. As you might expect, the ratio of unreadable:readable isn't all that impressive.

My friend Nemo has written some excellent Seven/Ace partnership fics, and has even managed to dip her toe into burgeoning romance (though she tends to squeal loudly and then run away afterwards). Her stories can all be found at her LJ: http://nemo-everbeing.livejournal.com/tag/doctor+who

There is a Seventh Doctor comm which might be worth browsing through: http://community.livejournal.com/seventh_doctor/

And then there's me. If it helps, my ears have gone hot and I feel very uncomfortable, self-reccing: http://thisiszircon.livejournal.com/tag/doctor+who

May I take this opportunity to say that quality Seven/Ace smut is on the rare side, and I thus welcome you to this ship with open arms. That are very very welcoming. And open. And ready to go clicky-clicky on anything that antennapedia would like to write and post. Welcomingly.

I believe I have made my point.
Nemo the Everbeing's long plotty Seven/Ace story was one of exactly two readable stories I found last night. (More readable stories no doubt are as yet unfound by me. I will continue to explore.)

First: watch the canon (in progress).
Second: read the readable existing fic (in progress).
Third: write, because the story I want to read about these two has not yet been written (pending).
Forgot to mention another writer whose work is of a cut above. Particularly with the drabbles. (The drabble originated in Who fandom, should the snippet be of interest. One hundred words exactly, no more, no less, and there are rules for how long your title can be too. Rules that I forget. I wrote one once, you know, just to prove I could write something short and succinct. It felt weird.)

What was I saying?

Oh yes, another Seven 'n' Ace writer:

Whispersecho has an LJ that is rarely updated, and sometimes posts fic to the main LJ comms for Who fic that I never bother with, because why drown in Ten/Rose? But anyway, you might be able to use the above link to filter through some of the shite that is on Teaspoon.

I look forward to hearing further thoughts you have on canon. I can't wait to hear what you make of Ghost Light. It's so dense and clever and beautifully realised, the love I have for that story is potent. And now I've gone and thought about that love, I'm going to have to dig out my DVD and watch it again tonight. And maybe look over my unfinished space-thriller-with-side-order-of-ship for Seven/Ace. And, ohh, I don't know, just dance...

I'm overexciting myself. I shall go now. Enjoy the ficcage!
And! You have written a whole bunch! I will read eagerly, because as you know, I enjoy your writing very much.