Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

The way to get what you wish for is to go out and make it. Again.

Have a shiny new kink meme post.

Since glimmergirl agreed with me that it is indeed Buffyverse anon kink meme time, we have made it so. With a shiny new comm and stuff, because yon Glim has a lean and hungry look. We're accepting prompts from all Whedon fandoms and for RPF in those fandoms.

What's an anonymous kink meme? You post an anonymous prompt for characters and a kink. This is "kink" in the fannish sense: anything from h/c to flufic to leather to vanilla sex. Somebody sees your prompt, is inspired by it, and fulfills your request anonymously. Then you, always mindful of your fic karma, write a response to somebody else's prompt, still anonymously. The anonymity is crucial because it takes the pressure off for both sides of the exchange.

I felt our last Buffyverse kink meme got some amazing responses, and I'm looking forward to what everyone does with this one.
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