oh dear

I will, however, be throwing the dogs into the lava at Mt Doom to destroy the epic evil.

Well, I have worked out until the sweat dripped from my nose twice (lots of boxing today!), had a nice session at the climbing gym (even sweatier than the regular workouts), and spent some quality time with the pets. And with Mr Pedia, who seems to have spent the entire time I was away at work doing the programming thing and seriously needed some R&R. (Which as usual consisted of watching Top Gear with me.) And yesterday I dug the next-size-down jeans out from the bottom drawer; one cut fits now and the other is on the cusp. I found a place reasonably nearby (as in, 60 miles away) that carries the cowboy boots I'm interested in, along with a lot of other booty things. Next time I feel like driving I'll go.

So, you know, life is just fine.

Now if only I could write something. Anything. A single sentence, maybe?

Oh well. I'll go do more housework. That will make me feel like I'm not a waste of protoplasm today.
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congrats to you on the jeans! The other half and I are running out of Top Gears, we will have to start finding the old series to watch. We've been watching Wire in the Blood which is an excellent British crime drama.
We've still got a lot of the older new-TG episodes to watch. We're working our way backwards through the series. Though I will say, the newer ones are better. They found the winning forumula somewhere around series 6 and have been awesome since then.

*scribbles note to watch Wire in the Blood*
Stacy reminded me last night that you were the one who mentioned the Vibram shoes. I bought a pair last week and I have to say, my love for them borders on the inappropriate. Hands down, the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I stood for two hours on Monday during my quilting studio and my feet didn't hurt!
Oh, man, I am so happy! I love it when people try them and go crazy for them. They are sickeningly comfortable. I hate wearing socks now. Isn't it strange that shoes with no support whatsoever turn out to be the best things for our feet?
I've always been the most comfortable barefoot, and one of the things that bugs me about my feet is that I generally have to wear shoes. This is such a great compromise, and they let me be more aware of my feet so I know how I'm placing them more.

And hey, props to evolution!