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In which the author is happily stuffed with sushi.

I'm home again! I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 1 husband. The house is more or less exactly as it was when I left it, with no burning to the ground incidents. Mr P did do dishes, didn't do laundry. His thumb is nearly healed up from his box cutter accident. Waiting for me were a pair of new climbing shoes in the right size (yay) and the complete BSG on Bluray (we can now continue our viewing).

I drove more than 4000 miles in 2 weeks, killed many many bugs (all splattered over the nose of my car), averaged about 30mpg, and saw 3 new states (North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho). I met many new people! I got only a little bit of writing done. That's okay. It was a vacation! My mind is now fully vacated.

The plan: Do laundry, resume working out at the gym, resume climbing at the other gym, start working on orig fic short story spasms. Write fanfic drabbles. Pat the cats. Declutter the house. Write some trip reports with more detail than this rather scattered one.

From today's fandom secrets, #102. Yessssss! I did this when I was a teenager. No, really, I sought out obscure Westerns featuring De Kelley just to see him, doing it the hard way in those pre-Internet days. I am so happy that the new Trek movie has brought new fans to the original Trek series and to those lovely actors.
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