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In which I land at the Dalles Dam, the construction of which was horribly destructive.

Sniffle. I liked Lake Dimwit Flathead and Flood Control Dam #3, and sahiya's family is lovely. But ahead of me is a stop in Oregon to meet some of you all and home, where Mr Pedia awaits. I write to you from The Dalles, Oregon, site of a non-fictional depressingly destructive dam. Yay modern progress, giant things made out of concrete, and enormous cable towers squatting over the river. Hydroelectric power has a nasty cost.

Today's driving was some of the best yet. I spent very little of the day on the interslabs, and most of it on twisty rural roads winding through Idaho and the south eastern corner of Washington. Endless rolling hills of grain. I really didn't expect this. I was thinking it would all be forested, like the eastern parts of the Idaho panhandle were. The roads were excellent in all ways, though I do not approve of Washington's approach to speed limits. Montana's is best.

The final part of my drive was along the Columbia River Gorge, which was less pretty than I might have expected. The trivia about the sites the dam drowned put the capper on it.

And now I think I'll have a chat with Google Maps and plot a twisty non-slab route south to Eugene. If one exists.

PS: Have just seen the worst portmanteau name evar. For Spike/Fred. Guess. (If you know a worse one, please do share with us all in a comment. I wince in advance.)
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