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I interrupt my vacation briefly to note the following.

This is how the poll has finally shaken out:
complex, angsty romance
complex, triumphant friendship

"Complex" is such a clear winner that I thought I'd apply it to both stories. I think I know what they both are. "Complex", unfortunately, means "harder to write" because it requires mental bake time. Lots of cycles around in the subconscious. But I'll do it!

You will have observed that this time around I didn't poll about characters. You'd all vote for Buffy/Giles so there's just no point in asking! Instead I'll oppress you by writing something unpredictable. (Right now it's looking like Spike and Xander. Guess which is is the friendship fic.)

In the mean time, I have some drabbles to finish (so much work I might just bail and write longer ficlets, as the less time-consuming task) and a chapter of "Liegeman" to move beyond the skeletal outline phase. Might have to wait until I get home, though. It's been non-stop thrills here at Flood Control Dam #3. There has been high-speed fun on the water. (You may have noticed that I'm an adrenaline junkie. Yes.)

Must see! If you haven't seen katekat1010's latest batch of manips, run over there now and take a look. Entirely worksafe: the men of BtVS in cravats and long-waisted suits. I think the ones of Ethan and Xander should have fic dedicated to them.
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