Thumbs up to Montana

Am exhausted, but I am here to say that western Montana is everything eastern Montana is not. I have swum in a lake named for Lord Dimwit Flathead. (Quite surprising, really, to find non-underground features named after him.) I have seen ospreys. I have drunk much daquiri made with local cherries. I have been rained on and thundered at.

Tomorrow I expect more of the same.
Yes! Eastern Montana is a horrible, barren place, whilst Western Montana (esp. the flathead area) is amazingly gorgeous.

Yay for cherry daiquiris! Gotta love flathead cherries.

Glad you're enjoying you MT stay!

Oh man, those daquiris! And of course we had to eat a bunch of cherries while we were pitting them. Had to, you know how that goes.
Hurray for you! It's been fun reading your LJ and tweets.
I highly recommend Montana next time you need a rustic vacation destination that isn't Texas, for a change of pace!