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Dinner and a pint of delicious local beer has mellowed me right out. Now I will catch up with up with all you guys. But first! I need to say thank you.

"Echoes in the Air (Pistolwhip Remix)" has been nominated at the absence_oflight awards in the "angst gen" category. As if that weren't enough, "Office Hours" (a short GX happy pr0ny thing in the "Cloud Animals" verse) and "Broken Vessel" were both nominated for rwsawards.

Thank you to whichever sneaky ones of you nominated these stories! I'm chuffed, particularly over the "Broken Vessel" nomination because that one gave me fits for so long.

PS: Poll winner seems to have settled out as "complex angsty romance", with the runner up being "triumphant friendship". Which is a cool concept, I have to say. But I think I can do angsty, complex romance. (Have already done so, perhaps.)
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