Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

In which I experience hotel intertubes that actually work.

Hello from Bozeman, Montana, where I am seriously considering having a drink in the hotel bar before collapsing into bed early. At least tomorrow's drive is pretty short. I've only got about 300 miles to go to my antepenultimate destination on this trip.

North Dakota was pretty boring. Also, empty. Moving north one layer of states cuts the population down hugely, doesn't it? South Dakota had a fair amount going on every few miles, and was teeming with bikers heading to Sturgis. There's a whole lot of nothing through vast stretches of ND and Montana. Central Minnesota was, in contrast, well-dotted with farming communities. Lovely ones, with red barns and church steeples rising up to tell you where the towns are.

After this drive through Montana, I have decided to change the working name of that story I'm always wittering on about from "the Montana story" to "the Wyoming story". Wyoming is more like what I have in mind. The sky is bigger in Wyoming. (Don't ask me to explain that; it just is.) It's also possible I could make some of the ranching territory in eastern Montana work. Meh. I'm probably going with Wyoming.
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