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In which I update briefly before getting back on the road.

WriterCon's over, and in a few minutes I'm off to drive home. The slow way, via Montana, where sahiya promises to make me fall off some horses. Or a horse. I think one would be enough.

Had a lovely dinner with mireille719 and soft_princess last night, after which we hung out in the con suite and talked with more people. I also had a wonderful chat with spikendru and her daughter Elena. I thoroughly enjoyed WriterCon and all the lovely people I met, in fact.

ETA: Turns out I have a little time while my car's oil gets changed. The downside of multi-thousand-mile driving trips are these interludes in the middle to make sure one's engine doesn't eat itself.

Yesterday morning we skipped panels in favor of brunch with a college friend of sahiya's, followed by a brief but fun tour of some sites along the river, including the ruins of a grain mill. We also walked around a bit inside the Guthrie Theater, which is a pleasant bit of architecture.

The most fun thing yesterday was the Original Trek group watch. We did "The Trouble With Tribbles" and "Mirror Mirror". Tribbles is just such a great script. I especially love how it pokes fun at Kirk throughout-- he's the butt of nearly all of its jokes.

Things I am anxious to do when I get home: Work out until the sweat drips from my nose. Climb. Have a long cuddle-session with The Inky Blot and The Shaggy Cow. I would say "talk with Mr P," but the joy of instant messenging is that I've been doing that all along.
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