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In which I fail to make my list items parallel.

Poll results: So far, complex romance is winning, and you guys can't make up your minds if you also want it angsty, triumphant, or transcendent. I'll have a job on my hands if none of those three pulls ahead of the others.

A surprising number of you want friendship, which is actually kinda good. Because a couple of days ago, in one of those thinking while driving moments, I figured out that what had me really stuck on one of my stories was that it is not a relationship story. It is a friendship story. My character motivation problems all solved themselves with that realization.

WriterCon comment 1: After the hurt/comfort panel today, I feel I need to say something in defense of the flufic subgenre. No clue what. Perhaps instead I'll just write Giles with a cold being made tea by somebody unlikely.

WriterCon comment 2: Tonight at the writercon100 Dirty Drabbles session I read my Giles/Ethan drabble "Hustler" aloud. And I also read brutti_ma_buoni's X/A drabble "Evil"! Many other drabbles from the comm were read aloud by other people as well. Big fun.

Fic commentary! Also, hey! dvd_commentary is now open for signups for the 2009 DVD Commentary Challenge. What's that? Authors sign up to make their stories available to be commented upon, and then you write a DVD commentary for a story you love. How's it work? This post has all the details.

I'm signed up as an author. I signed up last year, too, but nobody else in my little corner of the fandom joined me in navel-gazing. Why not give it a shot this year?
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