Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Am now at WriterCon

I got in early yesterday evening, delayed only slightly by the fact that all of Minneapolis's feeder highways and its entire downtown are ripped up for construction. sahiya got in shortly after that, then we went out for a spiffing dinner. Which I needed badly, because I'd been eating crud on the drive. It was difficult to find non-crud. So a big pile of what Mr Pedia calls "weed salad" was exactly what I'd been craving.

After that, we hit con registration & the hospitality suite, where we met lilachigh, soft_princess, wesleysgirl, alixtii, missmurchison and several other people whose names have washed over me. Because I think it was _beetle_ who persuaded me by example to have Jameson's & Coke, which made the evening a bit, er, wobbly. I am still regretting it today.

My apologies to nutterbudgie, whom I have stuck with a huge job of bookmarking for today's giles_watchers newsletter. I owe ya. And I mean something beyond the drabble that I already owe you.
Tags: writercon

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