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Today in list form

Things I have done today:

  1. Had brunch with barbana and nakedbee.
  2. Did the remix reveal and answered remix feedback.
  3. Washed the car. This is a grand American tradition for sunny Sunday afternoons, and we don't get any other kind in Northern California in the summer. Conversation:

    "Why are you bothering to wash it?"
    "The front has bugs all over it!"
    "You're only going to put more on."
  4. Filled the gas tank.
  5. Went to REI to look for climbing shoes again. Failed to find the right size. Again. The problem is I'm scared to get them as small as I really should.
  6. Cooked and ate dinner. Used up all remaining raw ingredients in giant stir-fry, since any food remaining in the fridge will certainly go untouched by Mr P for the entire time I'm away. He might, just might, eat the leftovers from tonight.
  7. Watched the "Silver Nemesis" serial, continuing our Seventh Doctor + Ace love-in. Mr P reports that the chess game is not a real one. He sneers. This serial is, however, refreshing after the previous horror.
  8. Tinkered with playlists for the car iPod.
  9. Finally, packed.

Things I have not done:

  1. Line-edited my stories for tomorrow morning.
  2. Finished the third story.
  3. Found my bathing suit.
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