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In which subjects are omitted from sentences on divers topics.

The troubling story: Had long chat with Mr Pedia about the story, and he managed to restrain his snark long enough to give me helpful comments about character motion and opposing motivations and all that crud. Mr P is an amazing early-draft reader if your ego is armored enough to survive the experience. Is 24 hours enough time to retool? We'll see. I really would like to have 3 stories to post on Monday.

Ideas sleeting through my brain like neutrinos through water tanks: Am having recrudescence of Giles/Spike post-Chosen story dreams. The stories are coming in pairs at the moment: a pair of "Chosen goes differently and..." ideas. A pair of [omitted until remix reveal] ideas. A pair of post-Becoming Giles-Buffy ideas. And one singular idea about Giles, Ethan, and Spike having a drunken night on the town in a complete overturning of "A New Man".

Am further plagued by a bunch of Who crossover ideas. They involve the continuing adventures of Giles and Ethan with various Doctors. I'd start by finishing these two ficlets. All in the same storyline, obviously. I'd retcon the second one to remove Giles's bafflement about regenerations, because I want the Doctor's reappearance in his life to be fairly frequent. I could do one for each Doctor. Some with Ethan, some without (because Giles was on the outs with Ethan for quite a while). Adventure, wild locales, snarky banter, schemes gone awry, a lot of frantic running, back in time for tea: what's not to like?

Seventh Doctor: Watching "The Happiness Patrol." One: aha, that's Jonathan Burns who played Val Dartie in the only worthwhile version of The Forsyte Saga. Two: Theta Sigma nickname origin? Or is this a backreference? Ah, I see, backref. Three: This is seriously cracked out, omg. Four: Worst Who script evar? Please don't tell me it gets worse. Though honestly I think the direction is even worse than the script.

Writercon ho! Guess I'm going to have to pack for my road trip tomorrow. The plan is to post stories early on Monday morning, load up the car, and hit the road. Writercon Ho! By way of various interesting points north. I will be wandering further afield on the way home.

Remix: remixredux09 author reveal tomorrow. Any last guesses? nutterbudgie and snickfic have already tossed their hats in the ring.
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