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In which I get way more wittery than usual of late.

Giles. Buffy. Post-Becoming. Any such story must ask, before it gets far, the question asked by the season 3 opener, "Anne". There are a zillion ways to answer it, and I have a radically different answer in progress in a much longer, plottier story. This version of the answer doesn't have so much plot. Well, okay. No action/adventure plot. Some stuff happens in it. If you consider a trip to the laundromat as "something happening". Also, Giles eats pie. Is that plot? Maybe he should be eating huevos rancheros, given where it's set.

4000 words of plotless angst, sigh. And yet, adding in a gratuitous vampire would be, er, gratuitous.

I think I know what it's about. Is my problem that I don't in fact know what the story's about? No. My problem is that my characters are talking too darn much about what it's about. I want it all to be arid and bleak and indirect and not about all this conversation. Unless they're talking about something completely different.

It doesn't help that I keep drawing The Lovers when I attempt to add random tarot-ical inputs to the process. 'Cause that's so on the nose it hurts.

Buffy, Buffy, Buffy. What makes Buffy change? I think this vampire concept might not be so gratuitous after all.


We've now watched two more serials with the Seventh Doctor, since Mr P has taken a shine to him. And so have I.
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