dr who 2

In which we watch more Curse of Fenric

I think... I think I love Ace. And the snarking between the two of them.

The wit and wisdom of Mr Pedia: "These plots are good. The writing is good. It's not like the new stuff. [pause] The music is bad."

This concludes your evening Who bulletin.
The music is an awful lot of Yamaha DX-7. Thin. Tinny. God. Make it stop. We're watching the Ace origin story now. Even more DX-7! AAAAAUGH!
I'm interested in Mr. P's (AKA ThumbLord) opinion of the music in Manchild. Mr. Budgie quite loved it.
I don't think Mr P has watched Manchild with me. Huh. It might be time for a rewatch. Mmm, sexeh Tony.
The awesome thing was that he made a plot prediction after episode 1 of the Fenric serial and he was completely wrong about how it worked out. This made him very happy.

I like parts of nuWho as well, though recently it's been pretty awful. Definitely looking forward to Stephen Moffat's takeover as producer.
:::Laughs::: Mr P does make a valid point.

I may need to go rewatch some of Ace's episodes.
We're watching some more of them now ourselves. We backtracked to Dragonfire to get her origin story.
Seven and Ace might just be my favorite Doctor/Companion pair. Those two have great chemistry.
As we watch more, I really see what you mean. Those two have a fascinating relationship, with lots of pushing at each other. She doesn't let him get away with keeping his secrets and not telling her what's going on. Though one does worry that he's lying to her when he answers. Or fudging a little.
She was good for him. She kicked his arse and fought and came up with Plans. Right up until Martha she was my favourite companion.

But yes. The music let the story down quite badly. The Beeb was going through a music budget cut at the time, I'm guessing here, and cobbled together parts of other awful 80's soundtracks to make one really awful soundtrack.

Battlefield was also quite good. Have you seen that yet?
We've watched Fenric, Dragonfire (the serial that introduced Ace), and Remembrance of the Daleks, which was really kind of dark. As well as setting up some stuff that nuWho picks up at the end of S4, unless I'm misremembering.

I will confess that my approach to understanding Who continuity is to let my eyes go unfocused while it all washes over me. But Remembrance had all *kinds* of meta and back-reference stuff in it. Like the BBC promo that gets cut off as it mentions the "brand new science fiction program, "Doc--". Or the fact that it's set exactly where "Unearthly Child" is set! School and junkyard both! Which I really liked.
I am very happy you're liking the Seven-osity. It is so nice when fandoms collide.

You even have a Seven 'n' Ace icon, which makes me happier still.

Ahh, Dragonfire. As with so much of that era, it was a story that had some nice ideas that weren't well realised on screen. (I particularly love Sylv being the only actor to remember that the white plastic studio floor they're all walking along is supposed to be slippery-slidey ice.) Some nice set pieces though. The coin temptation, the temperature capsule, and one of my very favourite Doctor Who themes: the scary-looking monster turns out to be the good guy. Classic.

Yes, the eighties incidental music was dreadful. But so very much of its era.

"Eevil! Eevil since the dawn-of-tiiiiiime."

Oh Seven. How I love you.