Xander sexy

Only be sure always to call it, please, 'research'.

Climbing was shockingly fun last night, though I ended up falling off everything in the end. Two former (and still beloved) coworkers were there as well as my new friend from climbing class Anil, and we played a bouldering game together that was just amazing at building technique. And destroying my forearms. I have learned to take a fall from fairly high up on the bouldering wall without panicking about it. The mats work.

Because I have been in a visual mood recently, as well as just overall annoyingly cheerful, I share with you some fun images. Here are two Tumblogs I've been following when I want the visual pr0n that is not yucky, off-putting, or so styled as to make me wonder what the fuck is going on in men's heads:

Male Submission Art: images focused on submissive men, but not yucky ones, as defined by the collector, maymay, who has some definite ideas about submissive men as valuable and masculine. I've mentioned this one before, and I continue to find it interesting.

derekisme, who has just lovely taste in photography and isn't hyper-focused on the penis. Though it does show up now and then, particularly because he's got a thing for men his own age (college-age, I think). Plenty of women in his choices, as well, with each other or with men.

Not work-safe. At all.
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Thank you!! those links are awesome and i must have missed the first when you mentioned it before. it is SO hard to find beautiful pictures of men where it's not focused on the penis! and both of these are awesomely eclectic.
I like penises, though I don't have one. I think they're fun. But I agree with Derek that they're sort of demanding and attention-grabbing when they're in photographs. Look at THIS. Pay attention to THIS. Focus your sexual expression on THIS. So it's nice to put the focus somewhere else for a change. On legs or chests or the gorgeous faces on the subjects he chooses.
I'm so happy to hear that you enjoy MaleSubmissionArt.com and use it for seeing the kind of porn you like. It's incredibly validating to hear people say these things because for a long time I was similarly frustrated with all the other options. And I should say, in case it's not clear, I'm a man and I look at most porn and also go, "What the fuck kind of person thought that THIS is what men like me are supposed to be wanting to see?"

Anyway, as usual, if you find any stuff you haven't seen on MaleSubmissionArt.com but think would be appropriate, please please please don't hesitate to suggest that it be included. Thank you!
I'd like to thank you for the project. Before I discovered your blog, I'd been thinking that sites like kink.com's "men in pain" were what people wanted from porn showing submissive men, and I just loathe that approach so much. Humiliation and degradation and feminization: no. If I have a bullet-proof kink, it's mutual respect between partners no matter what they're doing with each other. We do these things together because we love each other, after all, and value what we each are. Your blog, though, made me say, wait, there's hope for pr0n on the net that isn't women with makeup caked on their faces wearing ridiculous shoes and sneering at the camera.