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Perhaps maybe I won't faceplant for once. Though I'll definitely fall off the wall.

Oh, god, I've got unanswered fic comments from spring of last year. As in, last year's remix. *hangs head* Would it be absurd to answer them now? I think it might be.

However, it's been another good writing day. I've finally reached the stage where I'm grumpy to be interrupted for any reason. For instance, this evening's climbing with one of my classmates. I'm supposed to be overjoyed that I have a belay partner, not stomping around the house getting my gear bag ready and muttering to myself.

In conclusion, I note that my current writing soundtrack is nearing the point of awesomeness for the task of getting me in the mood for the stories I'm working on now. Though it might be a bit overdoing it on the transcendental happiness of the concluding tracks. It's making the stories happier in the early bits than they should be. However, second drafts now exist for two stories. I'm setting them aside and picking up a third story. A sadly overdue one. After climbing, though.
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