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Remix live! Many goodies to read.

Bwahahahaha: remixredux09 is now live, and I have just gleefully read "The Path of Thorns", a remix of "Roses". The original is one of my favorite short-short stories from last year, a little Giles/Anya tag to "Hell's Bells". The remix is, in the grand tradition of remixes, darker. By a whole lot.

I have zero guesses about who wrote it! No clue.

No prizes if you can guess the remix I wrote: I took no sneaky steps to disguise my usual style this time. ETA: Aw, go ahead and guess. I will attempt reward drabble if you get it. Comments screened.

As I survey remix titles, I think once again that I'm never daring enough. Well, maybe next year I'll get wild.

Also ETA: Finished a backup story for emergency use on my summer_of_giles day. Actually I have two backups. Okay. Now to crunch on the real one I wish to post...
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