dr who 2 windswept

If I ran the world, #942 in an infinite series.

I'm listening to Orbital's cover of the Doctor Who theme by Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire, and what I am thinking is this: Moffatt's takeover of Who production should be accompanied by a complete overhaul of the series music. Ditch the hysteria-laden orchestral crap and go back to an electronic version of the theme. As is proper. Since the first recording is such a great piece of early electronica.

You may be a fan of all incarnations of the Doctor here. Feel welcome! What do you like about Seven? I haven't watched any of Six or Seven yet, I confess. I've got a big hole in my viewing where they are. And I think I've only seen one serial with Fivey.
I bask in the welcomeness, like a walrus on a smooth rock in a lovely patch of sun.

Forgive the defensiveness: I've become used to mainstream DW fandom deriding my love of Seven. So I haven't been a part of said fandom for a long time. (Like, since I stopped living in London and going to the Fitzroy Tavern every month. Which was '92...)

What do I love about Seven? The ambiguity. The complexity. The hints of darkness.

I grew up with Four. He was my Absolute Childhood Hero. They do say that you never love a Doctor more than you love your first Doctor. I surprised myself when, at 16 years of age and thoroughly 'past' all that Doctor Who stuff, I saw this small, tousled, crumpled man team up with a teenaged mess of angst with a penchant for explosives, and I suddenly realised that I was as invested in these two as I've ever been about any fictional characters.

Seven is the great manipulator. He's the agenda king. He will employ tactics like deception and evasion and sleight of hand. And some of the things he does leave him in mental/emotional agony. (As far as we can tell. Because Seven does well what I always need my Doctor to do -- convince me he's from another planet.)

Season 26 had some of DW's finest ever moments, for me. 'Ghost Light' gets lambasted as being overly complex, and yes, it takes more than a single watch of the story to 'get it'. But it's still my favourite DW ever. Subtle and interesting and original and beautifully realised.

I wouldn't turn my nose up at any Doctors, because my love for the show supersedes my love for one particular era. (Not even bland old Fivey.) But Seven's last two seasons were special, for me.

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