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In which I post twice in one day,

1. Am answering my shameful comment backlog. Aside from fic feedback, which must always be answered, is it okay for me to declare an amnesty for comments that are three weeks old? Man, I totally went out to lunch around here in May.
2. At this rate, I'm going to be catching up with summer_of_giles after it's all over.
3. I feel no real urgency to see the newest Harry Potter movie, which means it'll be the first one that I won't see within 24 hours of its opening. I was thinking about why, and I suspect it has to do with the publication of the end of the story. Some tension and drive is lost by knowing the resolution of everything. Maybe.
4. Revision for the Remix will stop tomorrow, after which I will plunge into writing oodles of fresh prose for my Summer of Giles story. Which has been decided upon, note careful use of passive voice.
5. The plan is for me to hop into my car and head east for WriterCon the minute after I post SoG on Monday, July 27. But that might be too late. I might have to post while on the road. I need to start route-planning now.

What's up with you?
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