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The difference

You know what they say about the difference between a young writer and an old writer, yes? The young writer is afraid of shocking his readers, and the older writer is afraid of boring them. The older writer has learned, I assume, that readers do not shock easily, and that there is nothing particular new about his ideas. It has all been written before. (All is vanity, and a striving after wind.) At most we can hope to write it entertainingly this time through.

I switched stories yesterday, and continued work on the claim bond one, with bodyart!Buffy. Wrote a draft of the climactic scene, which is heavy magic ritual. Harrowing for Giles, if I got it right. And, one hopes, harrowing for the reader in a good way. That catharsis thing Aristotle went on about. Since I cannot shock you, and can at most hope not to bore you, I attempt to take you on a little trip. To move your emotional state from wherever it is when you start reading to the place I want you to be. Or at least shove you a few inches in the right direction.

Or I make you laugh helplessly because it falls flat. Ah, joy.

I'll put it to the touch anyway. Eventually. There's a big chunk in the middle left to write. Then the inevitable second draft. Then I'll need to see if my poor abandoned beta reader still loves me enough to tell me if I failed. Particularly because my poor abandoned beta reader is the one who made me understand that ritual has to cost something. And now I've made it seem worse than it is.
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