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I have no Gene Wilder Young Frankenstein icon to go with this post.

"[Mumble mutter] (The Run That Title Into The Ground Remix)" is now nearly at 2000 words and I think I finally found a heart for it. Not in the first place I looked, or the second, but the third. I wrote a joking remix title for it and realized that whoops, I'd just figured it out. It's sort of a pity that I am having to absent myself from the con at the moment to make this happen, but this is the price I pay now for procrastination earlier.

Fidget story has been the Montana one, specifically the Giles/Xander bits thereof. Which are interesting to write when one is firmly in Buffy's point of view. I am pondering a shift for the two sections that are mostly notes to self, fragments of outline, and scattered bits of prose. Because it would fit for other reason. Hmm. Okay. Going to have to do it.

Not very random: I have just learned that there are some people in this world who haven't seen the Buffy vs Edward vid, so I share a link that has the vid and some context for it.
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