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In which our hero learns that procrastination is not always a good idea. Ever.

Fic archive updated and fiddled with some more. I decided finally to include all header info except author's notes in a block at the top. I think this satisfies the need to let readers know what they're into. This one is an example of the most information anything ever has: entry in a series, banner, pairing, tags, warning. What do you think, oh readers?

I really wish the backstory for "Liberation" were already written, but I suspect I will enjoy the adventure of writing it anyway. Though it will take me a while.

Changed LJ layout to something useless as incentive to fix it. Note to self: need to make banner image 940 by 260 pixels.

Read some surprising things today while researching something mumble mumble. Was also surprised to learn that microbes are a problem in diesel fuel, and that the first fuel used by Diesel in his new engine was coal dust.

I think I settled on a story to remix. There were lots of possibilities, but this one asks me to tell a story I've wanted to tell for a while. Mostly I have an urge to leave feedback on every single one of my remix assignee's excellent stories. But I will refrain until after the reveal.

So. Okay. I'm only slightly screwed. For "slightly", read "extremely". And not in the good way. The story is due for posting while I'm in Vegas and I have yet to write a single word of it. I'm losing tomorrow as a writing day, Thursday is toast because I'm driving all day, and then there's the con. That means I write it Tuesday and Wednesday or else, and there's no way I write & revise that fast. Oh, god, why didn't I bail on the Sweet Charity deadline sooner?

On the plus side, I have an approach. And a title. And a file checked into my svn repository. And a bottle of Knob Creek bourbon and a shot glass to pour it into.

July 12: Remix due.
July 27: Summer of Giles due.
overdue: Giles/Buffy Sweet Charity fic.

I think I settled on a story for Summer of Giles as well, one out of my big pile of half-finished projects. Maybe I won't eff that one up. Sigh. I have more free time than I did. Why is this happening?
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