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Yesterday was better. I will tell you why.

1. Writing got accomplished, though the story did not reach completion.
2. I worked out and sweat dripped from my nose and all was right with the world.
3. "What Friends Are For (Flow My Tears Remix)" was nominated at the White Knight Awards. And I see that other Xander writers on my flist were as well!
4. This is inspirational as I stare in the usual prescribed horror at my unstarted remix for this year.

Also, I napped for two hours in the middle of the day. That was weird and it made me groggy for a while afterwards. I find that my best nap is a 30-minute nap. Any more and I'm zonked.

Today's plan: turn on the AC in my office; write a bit now that deadline pressure is off due to my having blown through it like a fast thing moving through a fragile thing; torment the cats by applying anti-flea goo; work out in the morning; go to climbing class in the evening. My life, it is full. For sufficiently small definitions of...
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