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Research help: cricketers

I need the name of a cricketer, one with an excellent batting form. I'm looking for the cricketing equivalent of Barry Bonds, who is arguably the best hitter to play the game of baseball. Left-handed, like our man Giles, with a sweet & balanced swing that gets all of the power of his lower body into the swing of the bat. Lower body solid, front foot planted, hips snapping around.

Not an urgent request, and not even a necessary one. But a sweet left-handed bat swing was a metaphor that occurred to me. Alas, it is as alien to Giles as cricket is to me.

[Edit] I had a long talk with an Aussie coworker today about cricket and cricket batting and how it differs from batting in baseball. It's quite different, as the cricket bat is springier than the fairly dead baseball bat. Also the bowled ball comes at you differently. The form of an American batter would be shocking in a cricketer. The upshot is that I can't translate the metaphor. Not entirely surprising.

An interesting conversation, that was.
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