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At least it's cooler today.

Screwed up time of gym appointment with the trainer today. Bleah. Am un-worked-out and therefore restless. Well, okay, I can reschedule.

Rescheduled with him for tomorrow morning... right smack dab in conflict with breakfast with friends. Gah. Well, okay, I'll be late to that.

I am, at this point, congratulating myself for having written about 500 words today. Which is pathetic, but since it's all I've managed I'm attempting to find the positive and be all rah-rah. The procrastination techniques are getting more and more desperate. Soon I might find myself answering my comment backlog. Noes! Well, okay, I'll just keep slogging.

What chaos can I wreak next?

Stephen Fry was on Top Gear last night, as the star in the reasonably-priced car. I am eager to watch this one. Mr Pedia is a huge fan of TG (though I suspect he'd get into a fistfight with Clarkson approximately 5 minutes after meeting him in real life) and has insatiable appetite for it. To the point where our mutual first-time watch of BSG has been interrupted in the middle of season 1. He'd always rather watch Top Gear instead.

I will confess that Top Gear is much, much funnier than BSG. Which is probably why I'll enjoy BSG then never go fannish about it: I need the snark.

ETA: Only James was on the right track for girl-attracting mods. Sheesh.
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