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Seduced, shaggy Samson snored.

I am going to be in a world of hurt with deadlines if my writing brain doesn't start working soon. Writing is agonizing just now. So is fic commentary-ing, because the story I'm doing reminds me of a true low point in my writing last summer. Waaaaaaaaaaah. Cough. Okay. I'm slogging through this story. The deadline is now looming over me, so I'd better find a way to make it happen. Even though it's a million zillion degrees around here today.

I need semi-random inputs into the creative process. Here's the tarot card I just drew:

The Moon
Fantasy: Visions & dreams & unconscious knowledge. Water, night, inaction.

Huh. Now what am I going to do with that in this story?

Procrastination central: I updated my fic archive with a minor information redesign to move the tag list to the top of every story page. I also reviewed my tagging.

I'm really quite pleased with the tools I wrote to manage the archive-- updating every single story page is trivial, just a change to the template file, re-run the script, and all done! I like the basic approach of keeping the content in a database for convenience, but using that db only to generate static html files. This makes sense for sites where page serves are far more frequent than content updates.

I really should write the web app portion of the project to make content editing more slick. I just can't find a Python web app framework I like enough to commit to. Two problems: the ORMs just don't have the sweet simplicity of Ruby ones like DataMapper, and templating in Python is always an utter drag because you must invent Yet Another Programming Language to do it. My templates are an unholy mix of html, css, javascript, and Mako pseudo-python. Remind me to rant in my real-life blog some time soon about how I've emerged out the other side of the significant whitespace argument over Python. I'm now convinced it's a significant drawback. Sigh. I love the language.

No climbing this weekend, but I'm meeting one of my classmates at the climbing gym tomorrow evening. I've been doing some grip-improving exercises on my pull-up bar. Forearm muscles, baby, I've got 'em. Mr P is off learning to fabricate things with carbon fiber. That plus the rail gun project in the garage fills me with fear that we'll soon have an army of killer robots in the back yard. Under his control, which is extra-scary.
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