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Tempting me right now: The Multifandom Polyamory Big Bang Challenge. cliche_bingo.

The Poly Big Bang is not an earth-shattering kaboom: only 10,000 words. The Buffy/Giles/Xander story I'm writing now is already near that, and it's far from first-draft status. (I'm guessing 15K when done.) I'll probably decline to commit to finish the fic, though. Even September 20 as a draft date feels too close. But hey! You could sign up!

We're all probably too late for Cliche Bingo, though. They're closing signups at 400 participants. I suspect they don't have an automated way of generating bingo cards, though even with that, managing that many participants would be a big job. One thing I'm not tempted to do again is run any more ficathons. I'm not any good at it, and I'd much rather be writing quietly in a corner.
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