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I have yet to climb an actual rock, but I still think rock climbing is my new sport.

I've been mostly AFK over the weekend, doing stuff with the spousal unit. Last week was devoted to working out and napping by turns; I was also mostly not looking at the Intertubes. Today vacation ends, and regular Antenna service resumes, with this new twist of no official employment. In other words, I buckle down and get back to work on my own projects instead of somebody else's. Whee!

Some of those projects are fanfictional, which is why I mention it here. I have so many stories to tell buzzing around in my head right now.

But let's get things rolling with a DVD commentary! Whaddya want commentated, thus definitively expressing your doubt for this doctrine about the death of the author? My dvd commentary tag has the stories I've already done commentary for. My fic archive has a definitive list of the candidates.
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