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A single pullup is probably another year away, though.

I had my first climbing class tonight and wow. Just wow. I've never done it before tonight, and I have to say, it's one of the most fun things I've ever done. Right up there with riding a motorcycle around a track. Only that's actually dangerous, and this merely felt dangerous. It's a workout in many ways: mentally engaging, physically interesting, and different from anything else I've done before. I was initially worried that my fear of heights would make this too scary to do, but instead the fear was just spice to the physical challenge.

Stokage. I have a membership in the climbing gym for the month the class will run, so I'll be hopping in tomorrow or sometime soon to take my belaying test and clamber around a wall some more.

Hooray for a year of fitness work that makes this fun possible!

Top Gear: The Daily Mail interviews James May. I have friends who are like that. Heh.
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