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I seem to have lost track of the last three days

Happy belated birthday to wickedfox! The next year is going to be fascinating for you! May it be calm and happy as well as fascinating.

Today I frivoled with sahiya: we drove down to Monterey and slouched around the aquarium for a while, looking at sea horses and ottarz (tm). The sea horse tanks were full of amazing animals with no useful information displayed along with them. We had to look up the leafy sea dragon ourselves to find that it lives in waters off the south and west coasts of Australia. The exhibit placard space was entirely devoted to vague eco-preaching about conservation without bothering to tell us where we might wish to sponsor such conservation to preserve these animals. For pete's sake, tell us what the things eat, where they live, what they're related to, what temperature water they like, what else lives near them. Useless curation, I say.

Agenda for the rest of my week:
- Finish Sweet Charity post-Becoming Giles/Buffy.
- Read entire fic archive of my remix victim assignment.
- Settle on a summer_of_giles project.
- Catch up on email & comments.
- Sleep late on the mornings when the cats allow me to.
- Work out.
- Remember to go to first indoor climbing class session.
- Remember not to drive into my office by accident.

Random 1: Philip K. Dick on How to Build a Universe that Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later.
Random 2: Brian Eno on the benefits of closing down choice when making art.

Okay, now to find out how far back I need to skip to catch up with the flist.
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