I witter, therefore I am.

As of Saturday, I've been doing giles_watchers for three years. That's how long I've been active in fandom. All of you who've been in it for a decade or more may now shake your umbrellas at me.

I spent the weekend mostly on non-writing projects, of the sort that need to get done. Like laundry. And leveling my druid to 80, which happened on Sunday. Yay me. I signed up for a rock climbing class at a local climbing gym, which is something I've always wanted to do. Starts next week. The climbing gym also does Crossfit, so I might join it and start working out there to supplement the personal training. I <3 Crossfit. As I'm sure I've let you all know most tediously. Working out has been so important to my life recently, though. It's amazing stuff: fun, transformative, empowering in all kinds of ways. And I feel so good that I just want to evangelize it to everybody.

And now the optional fic wittering section of today's post.

I have been writing in fits and starts, often in things that I'm not sure will ever see the light of day. I have so much writing sitting unfinished in my fic repository, so much stuff that I'm not sure is good enough. Lots of fragments of scenes, ideas. Time has been a problem for me recently, though I should have oodles of time for writing very soon.

Front-burner projects: two different Giles/Buffy short stories, the epically long Giles/Ethan rescuing Buffy from hell story, Blackmail, Giles/Buffy/Xander in Montana. Back burner: Uther-centric ficlets in response to your prompts, the morally reprehensible Giles/Xander story, pre-series post-Eyghon Giles & his dad. The post-Becoming Giles/Buffy will get posted later this month.

I have no idea which of the others will turn out to be my Summer of Giles story. I'll need to get cranking soon, though. My date is at the end of July, but I am ungodly slow at revision these days. Possibly the Montana story? It's the one I most understand the undercurrents of. If that makes any sense. I always need to be playing some kind of game as I write, doing something in addition to telling the straightforward story. Sometimes it's the game of choosing Greek-root words instead of Latin-root words when possible ("Thusia", obviously), sometimes it's a game like echoing alchemical tranformation in character movement ("Gas-Ring Alchemy", also obviously), and sometimes it's more buried than that. But always I need to be doing two or preferably three things at once in a story. It's like cheating in some ways, because it helps me make choices.

So for the Montana story, I understand my surface plot, my game, what it's about in the squishy sense, and the underlying character arcs that drive it. This makes writing it merely the usual exercise in grinding work. A cheerful thought!

I dunno. What do you guys hanker most to read?

Random: Cataloging system wank. My hometown library uses the Library of Congress system, and I'm afraid I always thought of the Dewey Decimal system as being a bit down-market. Bracing for impact...
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Of the fics you list as being in progress of some sort, what I want most to read are Giles&Dad and post-Becoming G/B.
You'll get both soon. I've been reviewing the Dad story and I think I have figured out what it needs in revision.
Post-Becoming fic, for sure. Also am very interested in reading more GE rescuing Buffy from Hell, but I'd settle for anything.

I love when you talk about your writing process. Your brain works at such a higher level than mine, I find it fascinating.

The workout talk both inspires and depresses me. I know that everything you're experiencing is possible, but, right now, I cannot see how. I just do not have your level of discipline. Feeling good is addictive, though, and I want me some of that.
You know what? I'd like to see more in your Sherlock Holmes crossover verse. That was pretty damn unique and had a nice blend of intelligence and schmoop.

Apart from that? How about writing me a couple thousand words of Xander/Anya that I can't seem to wrest from my brain no matter what sort of bribes I offer.
I really took against Dewey Decimal when I learned it wasn't an open standard-- it's proprietary and trademarked. This I object to on principle. Geek! Geek!