Congrats on the award.

And while being assigned the lovely Ms. Hepcat three years running would be a hoot, here's to hoping you get someone else's sandbox to play in this year. :-)
Heh, I'm hoping for a whack at somebody else's stories this year, just so I don't torment her further.
Thank you! A mulligan is a do-over, sort of. A chance to take the shot over again in golf, for instance. Or in cards, a re-deal. In this case, I'd ask the mods to shuffle assignments, 'cause while I love the Hepcat's writing, both she and I should get a chance to have somebody else this year :)
Thank you!

And can I just say how happy I am that it's the summer of GILES time of year? SUMMER OF GILES!

Am pondering a trip through Oregon in July sometime, btw. A driving trip. We should totally meet up at some point.
Absolutely!!! That'd be fun! Won't be in town from 7/14-7/18, but you are welcome to come and stay with us anytime you want. :)