Bullet items from the harried

• Life is hectic & unusual.
• I am behind on everything. 125 unanswered messages in my LJ inbox. Could I really be that many comments behind?
ODD is back and I have snagged a backup.
• I have been reading a great deal of kirk_mccoy fic.
• Also, I have been writing post-Becoming angsty Giles/Buffy for the Sweet Charity auction winner.
• No one is writing me deeply emotional, weirdly intellectual Giles/Buffy. I'm going to have to write it myself, aren't I.
• How about wildly snarky Giles/Spike?
• I'm doing a 5K aerobic-related event/activity with nemaihne tomorrow. I cannot possibly call it "race", not at my expected pace.
• Since my legs hurt from 100 lunges and 50 16kg thrusters earlier today, among other torments, it'll be interesting.
• Mmm, strawberries and cream.
  • Current Music: Needed To Wet The Collar : Ten and Tracer : Tsotsitaal
It's 12:30. I spent the evening making sure I'd be in the worst shape possible a few hours from now when you come pick me up. I doubt you'll even get any aerobic benefit if you stick with me. ;P
The strawberries were not that awesome, but they were still most delicious. The husband brought home a box earlier in the week, and I have just now finished it off. Raspberries next!

Yay for spring!
Good luck with the 5K. Perhaps strawberries and cream to follow?
A most excellent idea, and one I have implemented.

This event was corgi central-- many stubby-legged blondish dogs saying hello to everybody.
How about wildly snarky Giles/Spike?

Oooo, yes please!