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Sites I've made archival copies of in the last 24 hours

Fic archives I have freshly backed up:
Giles Writers' Zone
Bodice Ripper
the LIST (BG)

On my list to do later today:
[ list completed; next step is by-hand spot-checking the mirrors ]

Archives I'm too late to save:

I'll snag Of Demons & Destiny when it reappears, which it should do soon. I already have the BuffyGiles archive content in zip form, and a mandate to reformat it all. (Which I will do one of these years, really.) It's preferable to get site source from admins directly, and not have to spider pages generated by software. But that's better than nothing.

What should I add to my list?

I'm doing nothing more complicated than running wget -m -p -k -np, which is something you can easily do yourselves if you want to join me in paranoia. I find the work done by West Wing Fanfiction Central inspirational here. I've maintained a stable presence on the web since 1994, so I think I can do a reasonable job of giving abandoned archives a new home. Absent a tragic steamroller accident, that is. There's also the looming threat of zombie attack. But we are all vulnerable to such tragedies.
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