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Despite all this, my sentences are still terrible.

How long can it take to edit 3000 words until they're the right ones? Apparently, all day long. I hope I'll be done soon. Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time and agony on self-indulgent kinky fanfiction that has an audience of about 20 people tops. On a good day. Oh well. I'm pretty sure all 20 of those people will enjoy it as much as I do. Once I've managed to forget the process of writing it, that is. I can't enjoy it right now. I rather loathe it.

I think this is why fan writers get all needy about comments. We all want to know our suffering has a point, some kind of reward at the end.

To procrastinate, have been writing disquisition on how there is no difference between "emotional arc" and "plot" in stories, in that emotions and character movement and everything else must be expressed through action and choice. In my reference-addled head, I refer to this as the "faith without works is dead" theory of story writing. Who the heck knows who that character is until she does something?

In other news: mmmm, strawberries and cream.
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