Giles/Buffy sword

Strike while the alcohol is bubbling

Dammit, I can't decide what to work on tonight: Giles & Ethan in hell (rescuing Buffy) or Giles/Buffy post-Becoming (sweet charity auction fic). Which one would be more self-indulgent? Hmm. One of them is angsty and bleak but ends in peace, and the other is dark and wild and full of things that disturb me a little bit. Hmm, I say once again.

Bet none of you are online right now. How shall I procrastinate, then?
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Hmm. Giles and Ethan in Hell, I think. Sounds epic and bound to be well fueled by alcohol. Much like Hemingway.
Wait, you want us to aid your procrastination?

I suggest griddlers. It's deadly.