It's a sunny California day. Why am I inside?

A short unscientific poll of the flist on the topic of that Other Fannish Journaling Service that metafandomwank is busy wanking about right now. The goal is to figure out how annoyed you'd all be if I moved over there.

Poll #1396364 Utopia or hell?


I have an account.
I set up that OpenID thing for commenting.
I wanted to do the OpenID thing, but couldn't figure it out.
I'm declining to get involved.
What the heck are you talking about?

If the antenna-encyclopedia-pun moved over there, I would:

Sigh in relief because my own move over there would be a tiny bit easier.
Sigh and reluctantly figure out how to get an account.
OMG teh oppressionz!
Defriend immediately.
What the heck are you talking about?


The fannish utopia! Ponies and rainbows!
LJ and its Russian overlords are evildoers whom I cannot dump fast enough.
I like the feature set and the terms of service.
Fandom will migrate there eventually, I bet.
OMG teh oppressionz!
It'll mean the end of all fandom as we know it.
Grump. Harumph. Can't be bothered.
What the heck are you talking about?

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I forgot to add the "omg I get to cut those jerks off my flist for free!" option.
Damn, Antenna. You're killing me. My worst fears realized. Abandoned and friendless, babbling incessantly to myself. Wait. That's kind of how it is already here.

Are you leaving? If so, when? What will be the deciding factor?
You, friend, are not in the Horrible Jerk category. I think I only had one of those on my flist once, long ago. Sometimes you read fandomwank's back pages and you make the O.o emoticon in real life. I <3 my flist.
I got an account over there because I'm hoping to get back into fandom and really need to separate my personal and fandom stuff. So my plans with DW are to post my writing there with links from my LJ.
Not me... her -> *points at supermom20*

I haven't had a chance to start uploading my stuff. I just managed to get it off my old laptop and now have to format it for posting. It may be my project for the summer.
*is moron*

I have spent about 5 minutes actually *reading* my flist this week. Scanning too fast, obviously.
Huh, I thought my answers would totally screw with your poll, but evidently I'm within one deviation... (take that any way you like.)
I'd miss you because you don't post enough elsewhere and I never bothered to get an account on DW. But go where you're happy, you silly girl. Don't fret, your fans will follow.
i got an account over there, but i really wanted to ticky the "i couldn't figure out the open ID stuff" because I couldn't and feel like an idiot.

with #2, my ideal option wasn't there: i'll follow your journal over there and over here.

with #3, i wanted: i'm squatting and opting to read fandom!secrets on my flist over there, but i don't actually feel like fandom is going to en mass migrate there yet... but i am NO predictor of trends.
I haven't had a chance to really figure DWth out, but I am intrigued. I don't think I'll be migrating in any total sense soon, but we'll see what time, etc., brings.
What about the "It'll mean the end of fandom as we know it (thank God)" button?

Why not just cross post?

And where is ticky box??
I'd shrug, friend, and continue watching both journals until it became clear which one is getting the most traffic/comments/posts, and then filter the one on the other service from my default reading so that I'm not reading stuff twice.

In other words, I'm over there, checking it out, because it seems potentially cool and I want to see how it develops. No particular drama one way or the other.
:::Raises hand::: I have a question.

If you move over to DW, what happens to Giles Fic Recs and Giles Watchers? Will they continue on LJ or move to DW?
That's something I was pondering too. I wrote a tool that can move the posts over (written by request of some Harry Potter fandom peeps when they moved over to InsaneJournal), so I could do that. It's painful to leave resources like the fic recs behind.

Giles Watchers will have to watch the DW journals as well.

I really can't gauge the temperature of the fandom yet from this poll or other things. I'm probably just going to sit back and wait like most everybody else.
*interested in a community migration tool - especially if it can also migrate my only-writable-in-by-me communities into my DW or LJ*
Really and honestly, I can't be assed to go and get an account. I like LJ and I'm sticking here.

I'm getting totally tired of all the "ohhh dreamwidth!!" stuff - I've actually started to skim over entries that even mention dreamwidth.

Amazing I completed this poll actually! LOL
At the moment the ponies just aren't sparkly enough. I didn't do the poll, so that's why I'm commenting.

Yes, I got the free code and set myself up, though my profile is an anorexic shadow of what I have on LJ. I really don't want to move, because it's really a case of a worldwide migration, even a refugee resettlement, where people virtually move and then have to reestablish their communities All. Over. Again. If I didn't write, if all I ever did was blather on about my day, then it still would be a major move, though not as traumatic.

I. Hate. Change.
I got an account over there and yet I still post here more than there. I figure it this way: if fandom migrates over there, I am set. If not, it's a good backup site.
I haaaaaate the whole Dreamwidth thing. As if everyone who bitches about stupid shit on lj isn't going to bitch about stupid shit on DW.

It's all added complexity for no good reason. I'm going to see where things stand when I re-enter the world in Sept. But deep down, I hope it fails, just like all the other new shiny 'this is the future of fandom!' bullshit.

I've missed the DW bandwagon so badly it's not even funny. Now I'm just sitting in a corner, rocking myself back and forth and waiting when all the cool writers go to live there where I have no access.

I know that when I'll lose my daily drug of choice I shall simply whither away and die.

Guilt-trippy enough? *nudge, nudge*