Holmes/Watson forward

Oh noes! Let's live dangerously.

The first ten people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, requesters should post this in their journal, offering in return fanworks of the kind they enjoy doing. Fic? Icons? Meta?

NB: Cannot promise actual drabble. Ficlet might result. Short story might in fact result.
Fandoms the brain might function in: BtVS, Sherlock Holmes (ACD's original version), Doctor Who (Two, Three, Four, Nine, Ten), Top Gear RPF, Uther-centric Merlin. You probably know what characters and pairings I do best with.

More substantive update later. Maybe. Maybe not. My life is busy but boring at the moment. Though I met fuzzyboo03 this weekend!

ETA: All requests made! And I've begun writing. Expect ficspam soon...
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Buffy/Giles. A conversation (or whatever) about having children.
Muhahahahahaah! Buffy/Giles/Xander/Spike. Or, barring that, something in your CoreFour! verse.
Buffy/Giles/Xander/Spike, holy shit, I'll write it just so it can be the only extant story featuring that, er, pairing. Er. Grouping.
I am thinking father-son swordplay might be quite interesting. Esp with some overtones of A/M, hrm.
Doctor Who (ten) telling Donna about his children. Or really, just him and Donna doing anything...except not shippy.
I keep checking back to see what the last two requests will be - no blog or journal, so I can't play, but I'll keep checking back anyway to see.

It's like finding the toy surprise inside the Cracker Jacks - well, back when the toy surprise was actually something good, and not just made of paper...

the blog and journal-less
Go ahead and request a drabble! It's okay by me if the strict annoying conditions of the meme aren't met :) Or if you felt you had to, you could go fulfill a kink meme prompt with a drabble.
Ooo...I am totally willing to trade kinkmeme for request - I'd even be willing to let you select the prompt(s) :} Pick a few you'd really like to see. I think I can write anyone in the Buffyverse except Cordelia, and anything goes. :} I just can't promise drabble, because sometimes things take off, if that is ok.

So my request... well, I am a huge fan of your Giles/Xander, especially when they are being sexy (of any rating), but any Giles/Xander would be fine. If you are looking for more specific inspiration, I'd say Giles/Xander way post Chosen learning something new about each other, even after all the years of knowing each other. So that would be my first choice.

But if you have other Giles/Xander prompts and need diversity, I'd also be happy with Giles/Ethan sexiness or Uther/prettymuchanyone sexiness. Again, whatever rating works for you.

So, hope those are inspiring, and if you'd like to select a few kinkmeme prompts, I'd be happy to oblige in trade.


I wibbled back and forth, but can I request:

Spike/Giles - trying to out-British each other