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"I am a child."

Weekend: Work, Warcraft, watching TV with sahiya and Mr P. Top Gear! We showed S the Vietnam special, which is one of the very best Top Gears ever. Jeremy wailing that he is the most miserable person alive is a wonderful thing. Then more work, more WOW, and a little gardening, which I couldn't find a W word for.

Best of all, though, last night I was visited by a burst of writing in Blackmail. I think I might post the next three sections soon. They'll reach completion together with another evening or two like last night. Um, that was not a euphemism. Not intentionally anyway.

Send writing-inspiring virtual tea and cookies. Well, since I am declining cookies at the moment, send virtual soy lattes with extra shots of espresso.
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Last night's rerun of Top Gear was one I hadn't seen before, and I will treasure forever James' solemn assurance -- as they were about to drive through a wild-animal park in their homemade convertible -- that it wasn't lions they had to worry about, it was monkeys. :-)

Oh oh oh! We just watched that one too! Monkeys on the roof-- lured there by carefully placed fruit. I loved watching them ride it into the carwash after that. "I'm scared now." You should be, guys, you should be!
That is my favorite Top Gear episode that I've seen! I'm a newbie, however, but still! Yay!
I haven't seen that one! Must push it to the top of our list! You'd know the Polar special if you saw it: they set out to drive a car to the North Pole. And of course they have a race. With a *dog sled*.
I find whimpering and wheezing work wonderfully for gardening, since I'm allergic to everything in my back yard.
That's funny. I'd say something witty here, but really nothing can top your suggestion.