dr who 2 windswept

And I am entirely sick of emo!Doctor.

Mr Pedia on the topic of the latest Doctor Who special: "If you make the people on the screen applaud, it's because you haven't earned it."

sahiya on the same topic: "I hate Russell T. Davies so much."

A completely mediocre script, and a nauseating soundtrack.
Didn't hear a thing about it ahead of time that made it sound worth it, so I'm glad I didn't bother. Is RTD gone yet? And is he taking Murray Gold with him, PLEASE?
Dear Lord, please please please take Gold and burn all his tapes. I don't enjoy being hit over the head with giant cue cards that say "feel scared now", "feel moved now", and "applaud now".
I watched some cut scenes from "The Doctor's Daughter" the other day on YouTube and oh my GOD, it's all so much better when stripped of his hideous "music" (and TDD is one of my least favorite episodes ever). If there were a "Musical Score On/Off" option on the DVDs I'd gladly pay a premium for it.
Was that the Easter special you're referring to? I only enjoyed it because it was something I haven't seen before. Otherwise, I thought it was a throw away episode I won't miss never seeing again.

I did, however, enjoy the line, "You look Timelord(sp)."
Yeah, this was the Easter special we just watched. We expected it to be good, which was our big mistake, I think.
Yeah, about the only intriguing thing about the entire episode was the old lady's warning/prophecy.
Occasionally I wonder if I'm too easily pleased. It has to be pretty bad before I notice. Mostly I giggled at the one liners and enjoyed that it was a new episode.