dr who 2 windswept

And I am entirely sick of emo!Doctor.

Mr Pedia on the topic of the latest Doctor Who special: "If you make the people on the screen applaud, it's because you haven't earned it."

sahiya on the same topic: "I hate Russell T. Davies so much."

A completely mediocre script, and a nauseating soundtrack.
Dear Lord, please please please take Gold and burn all his tapes. I don't enjoy being hit over the head with giant cue cards that say "feel scared now", "feel moved now", and "applaud now".
Was that the Easter special you're referring to? I only enjoyed it because it was something I haven't seen before. Otherwise, I thought it was a throw away episode I won't miss never seeing again.

I did, however, enjoy the line, "You look Timelord(sp)."
Yeah, this was the Easter special we just watched. We expected it to be good, which was our big mistake, I think.
Yeah, about the only intriguing thing about the entire episode was the old lady's warning/prophecy.
Occasionally I wonder if I'm too easily pleased. It has to be pretty bad before I notice. Mostly I giggled at the one liners and enjoyed that it was a new episode.