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Things that are true: a list for Friday

I changed my default icon today.
I need a new LJ layout, for sufficiently small values of "need".

Two Havana Sunrises were too many for lunch, but they were delicious.

I could watch Crossfit workout videos all day, though I cannot do the workouts all day.
My abs are sore.
I have biceps now. Also calf muscle definition that makes Mr P stare and announce that my legs are "different" than they were before.
I think it's the Zone diet for me as the next step for weight loss and fitness.
Amazon Kindle on the iPhone is a brilliant idea. Much love.

All systems go for cons in July, with my only task remaining paying for a Constrict membership.

I have signed up for Summer of Giles, for a day near the end of July.
Highgate Cemetery is a clear winner in the fic poll. Most of you will take whatever you get to read, but if you have a choice, you'd like long stories posted all at once.

I think I might write another bagatelle in the Uncle Charles storyline. (You know the one, single malt, absurdly small pistols, and armchair sex.)

I have structural problems with the current segment of Blackmail. I know exactly what needs to happen, but it doesn't fit into the remaining 3 pieces of the 7-chapter structure. Oops. Am I wasting too much brainpower on writing pr0n?

I can't decide if H.U.V.A. Network's Ephemeris H.U.V.A. Network - Ephemeris or Cell's Live at Kumharas Cell - Live At Kumharas is the best record I've listened to this year.
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