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And now I must fly. The cat is yelling at me.

So, hey, I'm over there on Dreamwidth. If I had to pick one thing the DW fork of LJ has that's worth the time, it's the separation of the concepts of "following" and "friending". They call following "subscribing" and friending "granting access", which are also fine terms for the concepts. This reframing might reduce drama by, I dunno, 36.42% at the least.

Have just been re-pondering the feasibility of modifying iJournal to crosspost. The trouble is, mostly, that the account and login stuff in iJournal is a global variable mess; would need to be refactored to handle more than one. Though, huh, shouldn't be that hard. Just a matter of slogging. Should also write local caching for user icons, so they don't have to get downloaded over and over. The nice thing about the stupid journal backup hack is that I now have some clues about how to use the LJ api. (Also, I definitely wish to fix the bug where it displays jpegs with wack-ass pixel density settings at the DPI the image requests. Which is usually not the DPI the user wants. If the app isn't drawing 10,000 pixels, something's wrong.)

We had a little BSG marathon last night. We've now watched the first five episodes of season 1, as well as the introductory miniseries. Mr Pedia approves. "This is classic Campbellian survival horror!" Lots of the classic SF stuff I love here, in fact, expressed in solid writing. After Mr P said that, he fled the room, a sure sign that he's engaged so much with the show that he can't take the emotions any more.

Constrict: Could somebody who knows what's what confirm for me that Constrict is July 10-12, same hotel in Vegas as last year? I also need to drag myself to the Yahoo Group to search & find out how much it is. (The organizer hasn't responded to my email, but I want some kind of confidence before I schedule vacation. Though I guess my mangler would be mellow.)

Random: Spotted yesterday: an Aston Martin DB5. This video of the James Bond movie gun-barrel sequences came to mind.
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