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All caught up with Dollhouse

Episode 8 annoyed me; sans the non-linear storytelling gimmick, it would have been a boring story. Episode 9 was actually good. No excuses, no relative measures, just good. This one makes the plotline completely twisty and interesting.

It needed to be episode 5, because I have spent the previous 8 episodes thinking that I loathe the characters, until the moment I realized I liked DeWitt and nobody else. Some amount of personal investment with the characters might have helped me get through the bad writing until this run of episodes. As it is, the lame start might have killed the show's chances.
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It was a lame start, wasn't it? And I cannot lie, I've been pretty resentful of the whole zeitgeist that I have to be willing to put up with 5 crappy eps because it's Joss. At this point I don't know if I want it to be renewed or not. I have a LOT of problems with the show :)
I really really really don't understand the suck of the early episodes. I do get that Whedon needed to build the story-- the events in ep 9 need setup in order for us to care about them. But surely, surely, that setup could have been interesting and plausible and engaging and the kind of thing that makes me like the characters instead of loathing them. The entire FBI agent subplot is tedious and predictable-- ep 9 twists the knife in the gut of a character who bores me entirely. Yay knife-twisting; boo boredom.

Let's face it: "Inca Mummy Girl" wasn't brilliant, but it was charming and character-developing in a way that let "Prophecy Girl" happen.
See, I loved Epi 9. I'd been so irritated from the beginning of the series, I didn't think I could enjoy the show while my brain was doing the WTF thing.

I felt compassion for DeWitt this time. And I had to giggle at the off-hand mention of same-sex roles in the dolls' repertoires.

I still have my own theories as to what the purpose of the houses is ... and it ain't about fulfilling anybody's fantasies. But I'll keep those ideas under cover for the time being.
We really liked ep 9 as well. The husband actually sat through the whole thing, pausing periodically to demand that I explain the backstory a little bit.

I also think the stakes have been raised here. It's no longer a simple matter of "Dollhouse evil, FBI agent must rescue helpless women." Though it's also clearly not "Dollhouse good! watch them be nice to people!"
Unfortunately, at this point in time, I just don't care about the show any more. They waited too long to grab my attention and at this point, I have better things to do than wait for them to figure out what the hell is going on.