Anti-meme killjoy

The scrambled interior letters thing is a bit of a crock, and it was when it ripped around the blogosphere two years ago. This article on the phenomenon, by somebody actually at Cambridge, might prove helpful. It breaks down the example paragraph sentence by sentence to discuss its claims.

Perhaps it's most fair to say that the example cheats a bit with its word selection, and it doesn't make the point it thinks it makes about spelling. Word recognition is an interesting process. There's a lot going on, from shape recognition to outright guessing based on position in the sentence. The linked-to article shows how this would cause way more problems in highly inflected languages instead of order-dependent languages like English.

There's a lot of redundancy in human language, which is a good thing.
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I like the article that you found.

I posted it becuase I am being a memage sheep spammer today, not that I truly believes what it ways. It is amusing like many memes.

I think it is shape recognition.

It also reminds me of the urban myth, and I think it might be an example of one. You know, the story about the friend of a friend who really -{fill in the blank here with an outrageous tale that the teller swears is true}

You're not being a killjoy. At least I don't think so.

I didn't post it because I don't need a study to tell me that the human mind can do this. I already know, I do it often enough myself. I think the same thing could be said with homonyms and homophones. The writer may not be using the correct word, but the reader reads it as the correct one. Happens to me all the time, which is why I generally use betareaders/editors.
Oh, I was in a killjoy mood. Now I'm not! Had two drinks at lunch. My usual lunch drink count is around -1, so woo! Yay infused vodka drinks!

Don't let me near the software for a couple of hours, okay?
The only possible thing to do is to a) send some vodka sunset-thingies your way, complete with little monkey on the side of the glass, and b) write a silly story instead of writing software. Hic.

Seeing as neither of us possesses the ability to trasnport drinks over space, how about a silly fic?