Dollhouse s01e07 review

Episode 7 of Dollhouse: back to mediocrity.

Imagine "Band Candy" without the funny, without a threat to anything you care about, and with characters you simply don't like. That was this episode of Dollhouse. It's titled "Echoes" just in case you missed that it's got lots of backstory for Echo. Thrill to the layered meanings of that title. Or yawn to them.

Dushku's character is on yet another prostitution assignment when a memory/inhibitions drug made of plot devicium is loosed upon a college campus. She implausibly finds out, is implausibly drawn to go there, and is further implausibly hooked into a scheme to break into the megacorp labs the drug came from, which exactly recapitulates an episode in her pre-mindwipe past. Evil organization schemes to use helpless young women: where have we seen this Whedon plot before? Buffy Summers, River Tam, and now Caroline Whatsername. Oh, Joss, the Kipling stunt is starting to wear on me.

How come we don't see the male prostitution gigs? Show me Victor tying up some wealthy chick who's hired him for the weekend, why don't you?

I loathe Topher more and more every time I see him. Yes, I get it, Whedon doesn't like geeks, I don't need to see any more Topher/Andrew mockeries of my tribe, thanks. I am liking Olivia Williams' character more, though. I forget what her name is (oh dear)-- the English woman who runs the LA branch of the Dollhouse. FBI agent Helo is boring. Ex-cop in the Watcher role is intriguing, but that's just my fictional kink speaking.

And yet, I'll probably torture myself later this weekend by watching episode 8.
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Her surname is DeWitt... can't remember the first name.

That episode made me say "o hai, rewatching Star Trek much, Joss?"
Oh, wow, yes! "The Naked Time" all the way? (Pardon if your reference is to TNG or something. I have not watched very much of the non-original Trek serieses.)
*g* Yup! I was thinking both "The Naked Time" and the TNG episode, "The Naked Now" (in which they visit the same planet.)
You are better person (or more masochistic) than I am. I never got past the first episode. Even though I keep hearing it's getting better, I just can't seem to make myself watch.
The correct strategy for this show is to wait and let other people tell you if it's any good in the end or not. I am volunteering to be one of those "other people" who invest $2 a week on iTMS to see if it's any good.
Just watched it. Was immediately distracted by, "Hey! It's Helo!" and 10 seconds later, "Hey! It's that other guy from BSG!" I don't think I had seen BSG yet when I watched the first episode of Dollhouse.
Helo has signed on to another series already, so my guess is Dollhouse is not long for this world, or at least his character isn't. Interesting episode, but I was still kinda meh about it. My guess is the head woman is going to end up being the insider giving info to Helo. Seems like Echo's handler is in on it, as well.

All in all, I think I'll be content letting someone else tell me what happened, lol.
I was thinking not only "Band Candy" but also "Spin the Bottle" which was quite a good Angel episode. And you're right, it was way to early to play this card, we don't yet care about the characters, so there's not really any funny there. Topher is just as annoying as always, nothing new there. And thanks for not liking him -- everyone on my friends list seems to like him, but I loathe him. Andrew was at least funny, and I like Tom Lenk as an actor, but Topher is just a twelve-times photocopied version of that, without the funny.

I also kept thinking that Xander remembering the pig-eating was better written than the aftermath scene in Olivia Williams' office.

I still haven't been able to make myself watch episode 8.